Workshop #1: Anatomy of a DH Project & Evaluating DH Work (Jan.14)

  • choose 2 projects from the Resources list
  • Identify in each project:
    • Who made it?
    • Where was it made?
    • When was it made?
  • Identify in each project:
    • Assets
    • Structure
    • Services
    • Display
  • Note your comparative observations on these projects to discuss with the class.

Workshop #2: Library Digital Resources (Jan. 19)

Benjamin Lee Stone, Curator for American and British History and Associate Director, Department of Special Collections, Stanford Libraries

Resources discussed:

Workshop #3: Data Management Best Practices (Jan. 21)

Kate Barron, Research Data Curator, Stanford Libraries – CIDR (slides)

with introduction to Zotero and Tropy (Marie Saldaña) – see handout

Workshop #4: WordPress: Presenting your Digital Work (Feb.11)

Workshop #5: Text Analysis (Feb.11)

Peter Broadwell, Research Developer, Stanford Libraries – CIDR (slides)

Workshop #6: StoryMaps (Feb.16)

Workshop #7: Transkribus and Multilingual Text Analysis (Feb. 23)

Quinn Dombrowski (Academic Technology Specialist for DLCL, Stanford Libraries – CIDR)

Workshop #8: 3D Modeling (Mar.2)