Week 1: What is Digital History?

Tuesday, Jan. 12

Thursday, Jan. 14

Week 2: Data and Sources

Tuesday, Jan. 19

  • Lecture: Questions historians should ask about data
  • Discuss readings:
    • “Scale: the Law of Large Numbers”; “Distant/Close, Macro/Micro, Surface/Depth”; and “Cultural Analytics, Aggregation, and Data Mining” in Digital_Humanities, pp.37-42
  • Workshop #2: Library Digital Resources with guest Ben Stone (Curator for American and British History and Associate Director, Department of Special Collections, Stanford Libraries)

Thursday, Jan. 21

  • Lecture: Humanities Data (continued); Digital Research Tools (handout)
  • Discuss readings:
  • Workshop #3: Data Management best practices with guest Kate Barron (Research Data Curator, Stanford Libraries – CIDR)

Week 3: Visualization and Design

Tuesday, Jan. 26

Thursday, Jan. 28

  • Lecture: Visualization
  • Discuss readings:
    • Johanna Drucker, “Humanities Approaches to Graphical Display”, Digital Humanities Quarterly, 2011 5.1.
    • “Visualization and Data Design” in Digital_Humanities, pp. 42-45.
    • Edward Tufte, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information (PDF)

Week 4: Digitization, Archives, and Curation

Tuesday, Feb. 2

Thursday, Feb. 4

Week 5: Texts

Tuesday, Feb. 9

Thursday, Feb. 11

Week 6: Mapping

Tuesday, Feb. 16

  • Lecture: Working with Maps
  • Discus readings:
    • “Locative Investigation and Thick Mapping”, in Digital_Humanities, pp. 45-47
    • Shannon Mattern, “Critiquing Maps”, 2013
    • Mark Monmonier, “How to Lie with Maps”, pp.1-42 (PDF)
  • Workshop #6: StoryMaps

Thursday, Feb.18

Week 7: Digital History and/in Digital Humanities

Tuesday, Feb.23

Thursday, Feb. 25

  • Talk by guest speaker Professor Rowan Dorin (Stanford History)

Week 8: Historical Practices (continued)

Tuesday, Mar. 2

Thursday, Mar. 4

Week 9: The Cultural Role of DH

Tuesday, Mar. 9

Thursday, Mar. 11

  • Benedetta Bessi guest presentation
  • Readings:
    • Bessi project summary (PDF)
    • Benedetta Bessi, “Cristoforo Buondelmonti: Greek Antiquities in Florentine Humanism” in The Historical Review, 2012 (PDF).
    • Benedetta Bessi, “The Ionian Islands in the Liber Insularum of Cristoforo Buondelmonti” in The Ionian Islands: Aspects of their History and Culture (PDF)

Week 10: What’s Ahead

Tuesday, Mar. 16

Thursday, Mar. 18